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There are many course pathways which include the undergraduate study of mathematics and statistics.

Mathematics and statistics majors

Our recognised mathematics and statistics majors are designed to give you structured programs of study while retaining flexibility.

Mathematics and Statistics

The Mathematics and Statistics major is a broadly-based major that equips students with the mathematical tools and techniques of at least two of the three major disciplines of Applied Mathematics, Mathematical Statistics and Pure Mathematics.

Quantitative Methods

Quantitative methods refers to the range of mathematical and statistical techniques used to analyse data. These methods are used in a variety of subject areas such as science, economics, marketing, engineering, medicine, public health, psychology, education and sport. An increasing number of industries use quantiative reasoning for improving product and sevice quality, increasing efficiency in the workplace, and assessing their growth strategies.


A Honours year can be added to any of these majors, the entry requirement being an average mark of 65 per cent in the level 3 units of the major.

Graduating with Honours is necessary to go on to postgraduate research.


School of Mathematics and Statistics

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