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There are some great careers in Mathematics and Statistics.

Mathematics is the language of physical sciences, economics and finance while Statistics pervades all sciences and commerce.

The fact is all quantitative disciplines need Mathematics!

Graduate salaries are very competitive. In resource-based industries they range from $80,000 to more than $100,000. In IT, they can start at $73,000 and go up to $115,000.

Qualifications in Mathematics and Statistics open doors to careers in just about any profession. In fact you’d be hard-pressed to find a calling that doesn’t value those qualifications.

UWA graduates can be found in areas as diverse as physical sciences, finance, engineering, IT, astronomy, health and agriculture.

Mathematics and Statistics is not simply about numbers, but you’ll find the opportunities certainly add up.

All great scientific breakthroughs were preceded by some mathematical breakthrough. Many discoveries in physics were predicted by mathematics before they were observed experimentally.


School of Mathematics and Statistics

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