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A/Prof Michael Guidici
Telephone (+61 8) 6488 3351

Pure Mathematics proves theorems in a wide range of topics usually motivated and illustrated by problems in physics, engineering and computer science.

Topics can be categorised roughly as “algebra”, “combinatorics”, and “analysis”. Algebra and combinatorics have a discrete feel to it (like constructing or breaking codes), whereas analysis has a continuous flavour (like studying properties of mechanical systems).

In the Excellence in Research Australia evaluation of research, the Field of Research code 0101 (Pure Mathematics) obtained a top score of 5 at The University of Western Australia.  Only one other university (namely ANU) scored a 5 in this field in the 2010 round.  In the 2012 round, Pure Mathematics obtained a score of 4 out of 5.

Pure Mathematics research for Engineering for Remote Operations (ERO)

The Pure Mathematics research group supports the Faculty's multidisciplinary research in Engineering for Remote Operations (ERO). The group brings together an internationally recognised team of pure mathematicians with a diverse skill set.


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