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Dr Jenny Hopwood


In these two lectures we shall see how mathematics and statistics enable us to make sense of the otherwise overwhelming intricacy of the many and varied processes which interact to produce weather and climate.

We'll talk about some of the mathematical/statistical ideas used to create computer models of climate and to test them, and we will discuss what they can and can't do for us.  

Additional information from World Meteorological Organisation and Wikipedia about climate models is available for you.

There will be two mini-classes 45 minutes in duration given at 1pm on Tuesdays in the Blakers Lecture Theatre.  No registration is required, simply turn up to the preferred class date listed below.



Climate modelling : Dr Jenny Hopwood
Dr Jenny Hopwood


About the lecturer:  Jenny is an applied mathematician with training in meteorology. She worked for the Bureau of Meteorology in their research section and also as a forecaster prior to joining the University of Western Australia.


Week Dates Lecturer Topic
5, 6 28 August, 4 September Dr Jenny Hopwood Climate modelling

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