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Dr Miccal Matthews
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In MATH1001 students were introduced to differential equations, which were mathematical equations that relate some function with its derivatives.  In applications, the function usually represents a physical quantity, and the derivatives represent their rates of change, and the differential equation defines a relationship between the two.  Differential equations are used to model the real world and their solution is one of the most important mathematical techniques required by all types of engineers and scientists.

For example, the figure on the right shows a numerical simulation of fluid flow around a sphere. To ensure the numerical solution is accurate, we must compare it to an analytical solution - this process is called benchmarking, and the analytical solution is derived by solving the differential equation that describes the flow of the fluid.  

In this mini-class we will extend the knowledge gained in MATH1001 for linear and separable first-order ordinary differential equations by studying more advanced solution methods applicable to a wider variety of first-order differential equations.  We will then move to second-order differential equations, where we will review the material covered in MATH1001 and see how we can solve more complicated problems via reduction of order and variation of parameters.

Additional information about differential equations is available for you.

There will be three mini-class 45 minutes in duration given at 1pm on Friday in the Blakers Lecture Theatre.  No registration is required, simply turn up to the class listed below.



Differential equations : Dr Miccal Matthews
Dr Miccal Matthews


About the lecturer:  Miccal is an applied mathematician interested in theoretical mechanics.


Week Date Lecturer Topic
2, 3, 4 7, 14, 21 August Dr Miccal Matthews Differential equations

Lecture notes

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