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Research being undertaken by our current postgraduates:

Current postgraduates

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Recently completed research

Student Year Degree Research
Robert Kenny 2008 PhD Orbit complexity and computable Markov partitions
Ranga Muhandiramge 2008 PhD Maritime Manoeuvring Optimisation: Path Planning in Minefield Threat Environments
Simon Collings 2007 PhD Frontier Points: Theory and Methods for Computer Vision (Thesis not available online)
Tomasz Popiel 2007 PhD Geometrically-Defined Curves in Riemannian Manifolds
Rohan Sadler 2007 PhD Image-Based Modelling of Pattern Dynamics in a Semiarid Grassland of the Pilbara, Australia
Steven Richardson 2007 PhD Numerical Methods for the Solution of Optimal Feedback Control Problems
Munzir Said 2007 PhD Computational Optimal Control Modeling and Smoothing for Biomechanical Systems
Geoffrey Pearce 2007 PhD Transitive Decompositions of Graphs
Sophie Ambrose 2006 PhD Matrix Groups: Theory, Algorithms and Applications
Scott Brown 2006 PhD Finite Reducible Matrix Algebras
Isabel Casas Villalba 2006 PhD Statistical inference in continuous-time models with short-range and/or long-range dependence
Fiona H Evans 2006 PhD Syntactic models with applications in image analysis
Jing Xu 2005 PhD On Closures of Finite Permutation Groups
Tian Khoon Lim 2004 PhD Edge-Transitive Homogeneous Factorisations of Complete Graphs
Ronald Monson 2004 PhD The Computer-Aided Verification of Mathematical Reasoning in Education and the Counting of Satisfiable Instances of k-SAT (Thesis not available online)
Tarn Duong 2004 PhD Bandwidth selectors for Multivariate kernel density estimation (Thesis not available online)
Sanka Balasuriya 2004 Master of Science Maximal Monotone Operators in Banach Spaces
Isabelle Khoo 2004 Master of Science Simulation with SimPy of Queueing Networks Arising in Hospital Emergency Departments (Thesis not available online)
Evelyn June Hill  2004  Master of Engineering Science  Applying statistical and syntactic pattern recognition techniques to the detection of fish in digital images 

Statistics clinic

Assistance in statistics is available for Postgraduates students by research at the UWA Centre for Applied Statistics.


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