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Joshua Bon


Start date

Feb 2017

Submission date

Joshua Bon

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New methods in constrained regression models


This thesis examines Bayesian and Frequentist regression models where model parameters are constrained. For example non-negativity, monotonicity, convexity, constraints on limiting behaviour and other (in)equality constraints.

Why my research is important

Modelling relationships in data can be hindered by results that do not conform to a physical law or constraints of the application. For example in growth curves analysis the fitted curve should be monotonically increasing. However, in practice, sparse data or the functional form of the regression can inhibit an appropriate model fit. This research will help practitioners use a wide range of functions to model data and ensure that their models are still well suited to the application at hand.


  • Australian Government RTP stipend
  • Bruce and Betty Green postgraduate research scholarship
  • Centre for Applied Statistics (UWA) top-up scholarship

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Assistance in statistics is available for Postgraduates students by research at the UWA Centre for Applied Statistics.


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