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Kenyon Ng

Start date

Aug 2017

Submission date

Jul 2018

Kenyon Ng

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Longitudinal modelling with shape-constrained penalised splines


Regression analysis, where the explanatory variable is some measurement of time, is frequently encountered in various branches of natural, social, and medical science. It is often known by some external theory that such regression curves have to fulfil some shape constraints, such as monotonicity or convexity. The aim of this project is to develop flexible models that are capable of incorporating shape constraints, and efficient routines to fit these models on large scale datasets. This research will investigate existing penalised splines regression models, and extend them to fulfil the shape constraints.

Why my research is important

These models will enable practitioners to model and predict variables of interest more accurately. An example usage of these models includes modelling the cognition of Alzheimer’s disease patients over time, where the cognition measurements are known to be monotone decreasing over time.


  • Research Traning Programme (RTP)
  • UWA Safety Net Top-Up Scholarship

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