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Melanie Roberts


Start date

Mar 2006

Submission date

Melanie Roberts


The Effect of an Upper Bounding Plate on the Stability of Time-Periodic Flows


The sinusoidal heating of the lower bounding plate to a horizontal Boussinesq fluid of finite depth induces a thermal boundary layer, which is known to be susceptible to vortex instabilities. The structure of these instabilities is investigated using weakly nonlinear and strongly non-linear theory for a range of configurations including rapid rotation and multiple harmonics. Of particular interest is the effect of the upper bounding plate on the characteristics of these flows.

Why my research is important

Time-periodic flows occur in a wide range of contexts with applications in engineering, geophysics and physiology. Given the range of processes in which time-periodic flows are relevant it is important to have a detailed understanding of them, particularly with regard to the conditions under which they are stable and the characteristics of any instabilities. Such an understanding informs further research into the many complex processes that are underlined by such flows.

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