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Shalela Mohd Mahali


Start date

Jan 2009

Submission date

Shalela Mohd Mahali


Numerical methods for the estimation of effective diffusion coefficients of 2D and 3D controlled drug delivery systems.


The project aims to develop advanced mathematical and numerical methods for extracting effective diffusion coefficients of bio-material devices of various 2D and 3D geometries.

These methods are based on combinations of efficient finite element and volume methods for linear and nonlinear diffusion equations and optimisation techniques for nonlinear constrained nonlinear optimisation problems.

The analytical solutions for certain geometries of the devices are also being considered. The developed methods will be tested using experimental data and used in design of optimal drug delivery devices.

Why my research is important

The estimation of effective diffusion equations for bio-material devices is important to optimise a drug delivery process. The ultimate effect and most significance of such systems include the optimal drug response, minimum side effects, prolonged drug efficacy, and thus less drug wastage and follow-up care, lower risk and better patient’s compliance.

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