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Mythreye Krishnan

Start date

Jan 2014

Submission date

Jan 2017

Mythreye Krishnan


Complex Systems Approaches to Analyse Gene Expression Data


Biological systems are abundant in nature and exhibit numerous complex functionalities.

Each system involves from a few components to millions of components which comprise

the system. When there are changes in the components, this leads to altered function of

the system, which can result in the enhancement or suppression of activity. Sometimes

these changes can lead to stopping the biological clock, causing death. All the components

for each of the system cannot be studied, as it is too expensive, in both terms of

time as well as cost. Mathematical modelling uses data analysis and simulation for the

prediction of the system behaviour. This reduces the time and cost, and in case of some

diseases it helps nd a cure faster.

My interest lies in studying Asthma in humans and the Nitrogen Uptake in the plants

(Maize). Asthma a ects a large population in humans and involves about 3000 crucial

components. Nitrogen uptake is important for maximum crop yield and it involves approximately

38000 components. This will be further analysed to identify the patterns

and key components, which will be cross-veri ed with bioinformatics methods. We will

be applying the networking methods to a smaller system of asthma in humans, followed

by a much larger system of plants' nitrogen uptake.

Why my research is important

Asthma is one of the widespread diseases. Asthma has been undergoing a lot of research

since a long time ago and yet there needs a perfect drug-target be identi ed. Our research

focuses on nding one or few such components for aiding a larger community.

Nitrogen uptake is important for plant growth ans sustainment. Fertilisers across the

world contain nitrogen to maintain the crop yields. We will be studying the nitrogen

uptake in cereals (maize), which is essential for good crop yield.

Mathematical models are useful when there is large volume of datasets to be processed

and manual compilation is practically not feasible. Generic mathematical methods makes

the interpretation of large and complex data much easier. It reduces the complexity of

the overall processes and narrows down the point of assessments.

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