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Ayham Zaitouny

Phone: (+61 4) 2077 1505

Start date

Jul 2012

Submission date

Jul 2015

Ayham Zaitouny


Tracking and predicting a multiple object dynamics in complex environment


Recently, understanding animal collective motion attracts many scientists. A large amount of research has been done in this field. This motion refers to the movement of a group of animals that interact between themselves and with surrounding environment in order to preserve the cohesive form of the flock. Examples of this motion such as: a flock of birds, a school of fish and a group of deer or sheep. In this project we show a new mathematical technique to be applied in order to understand the animals group movement and behavior.

Why my research is important

The main aim of this research is to investigate and establish a new method to track multiple object dynamics.

I am going to apply and test this novel technique by using real observation data. Therefore, constructing a methodology to track multiple object dynamics, then use this method to understand and better model animal motion. We expect better land use and management results from this understanding.


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  • UIS.
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