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Charley Budgeon


Start date

Mar 2014

Submission date

Mar 2017

Charley Budgeon

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Personalised Survival Analysis in Neurodegenerative Diseases


Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is considered a national priority. To empirically interrogate the disease from many different angles it will be necessary to understand and model the dynamics of the disease, requiring the assessment and determination of reliable disease markers. Risk and survival analysis frameworks, based on large cohorts and public data, will be necessary and will require sophisticated optimisation and simulation to ensure validity. In addition, an essential overlay of an economic assessment will be vital to translate this information into best practice.

We will combine numerous informatics techniques to provide knowledge of enormous epidemiological potential. Once the mathematical framework has been developed it will not only have applications widely throughout the Alzheimer’s research and care community, but it will also lend itself, with modification, to help many other diseases. Specifically our major aims are:

• To develop a survival analysis framework for AD.

• To develop disease severity measures for monitoring disease progression and assessing the efficacy of clinical trials and therapeutic interventions.

• To inform personalised medication and care plans by providing risk, time to event, functional benefit and cost benefit predictions.

• To determine optimum use of personnel, facilities and funds at multiple levels.

Why my research is important

Alzheimer’s disease, the leading cause of dementia, currently costs 1% of GDP globally1. With the incidence of this disease predicted to increase at least three fold by 2050 we are faced with the unprecedented challenge of understanding, managing and curing this disease.

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