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Kassel Hingee


Start date

Feb 2015

Submission date

Feb 2018

Kassel Hingee

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Spatial Statistics for Remote Sensing Data


Statistical analysis of modern remote sensing data offers new chances to understand complex spatial systems in our surroundings (modern aerial and spaceborne sensors can now produce maps at centimetre and metre resolutions). In these new data sets entities typically appear as blobs, often overlapping (eg. tree canopies) with individual objects difficult to separate. However current methods are mostly designed for point-like objects (eg. trunks of trees) or estimating entire surfaces (eg. magnetic field strength). This research aims to develop better methods for this blob-like data and experiment with them on a wide range of applications.

Why my research is important

Efficiency and decisions making in many professions could be improved by greater understanding of the complex systems in our environment (eg. where would a particular species of bird most enjoy living, how quickly is/could a disease spread?, is the health of an ecosystem improving?). Statistical analysis is necessary for any evidence-based understanding of non-deterministic systems and remotely sensed data will be essential because of its lower costs and greater coverage. Thus this project on statistical spatial analysis of remote sensing data will be extremely valuable.

Statistics clinic

Assistance in statistics is available for Postgraduates students by research at the UWA Centre for Applied Statistics.


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