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Erchuan Zhang

Phone: (+61 4) 1445 1411

Start date

Sep 2015

Submission date

Erchuan Zhang

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Variation problems for curves


This project will attempt to investigate variation problems for curves on Euclidean space or curved spaces(general Riemannian manifolds and Lie groups). For instance, relative geodesics in compact Lie groups, elastica and cubics with potential energy on curved spaces, interpolating curves based on L∞ norm, elastica and cubic splines underlying sub-Riemannian manifolds, recovering information based on billiard flows.

Why my research is important

It is meaningful to investigate variation problems in both theory and application. Since many practical problems can be extracted as variational curves, say, registration for images, path design for robots, interpolating curves in engineering, which drive such research greatly.

Statistics clinic

Assistance in statistics is available for Postgraduates students by research at the UWA Centre for Applied Statistics.


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