School of Mathematics and Statistics

Resources and facilities

We support our research in mathematical sciences through excellent resources and facilities.

  1. Computing facilities
  2. Library resources
  3. Scientific writing course
  4. Seminars
  5. Statistical consulting
  6. CMSC
  7. Travel grants
  8. Visiting researchers

Computing facilities

IT support is available through the Faculty of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics. 

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Library resources

The Mathematical and Physical Sciences Library has a large collection of monographs and journals on mathematics, computer science, physics, chemistry and engineering. It subscribes to 200 mathematics journals and maintains an extensive collection of audiovisual material. There are bibliographic aids such as the on-line catalogue, data search systems and the continually updated subject index.

The UWA library system, including the main collection housed in Reid Library, has more than a million publications and is linked by computer to databases throughout the world.

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Scientific Writing Course

The School of Mathematics and Statistics offers a special course to help train honours and postgraduate students in the difficult skills of writing a mathematical paper or dissertation and oral presentation.

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The School regularly runs seminars in the areas of Applied Mathematics, Mathematical Statistics, Pure Mathematics, and Groups and Combinatorics and a Mathematics Colloquium that is of general interest to all members of the School. These seminars serve as a forum for research being done in the School and for the presentation of the research work of visitors.

In addition there are regular or occasional workshops on special topics such as algebra, combinatorics, stochastic geometry, or dynamical systems. There is also a Graduate Seminar Program which is organised by postgraduate students. Graduate students are expected to present short talks at a level that is accessible to other graduate students in mathematics.

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Centre for Applied Statistics

The School has an active and highly-regarded Centre for Applied Statistics which provides high level expertise on statistics and other areas of mathematics to clients from within the University and from outside organisations and companies. The Group consists of interested members of the academic staff, as well as associates who may be employed on a full-time, part-time or casual basis and supervised by members of staff. Many of the projects taken on by the Consulting Group have an interesting research component. It is possible for graduate students to work on topics that come from a consulting project, or even to work directly on long-term projects.

Statistics clinic

Assistance in statistics is available for Postgraduates students by research at the UWA Centre for Applied Statistics.

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Travel grants

University travel grants are available to postgraduate research students (one per student), to support attendance at a conference or any other travel that is directly related to the student's research.

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The Centre for the Mathematics of Symmetry and Computation is a focal point for world-leading research in group theory, computation and combinatorics, and has recently been described as the "world centre of algebraic combinatorics" due to its critical mass of outstanding active researchers. These principal areas have links to many other branches of the Mathematical Sciences. They include fundamental tools used to analyse vast networks and the designs used in experiments across all of the sciences, in particular agriculture, together with the development of algorithms that are the key to solving many problems in complex systems. Members of the CMSC give research training a high priority and are keen to accept outstanding new undergraduate and postgraduate research students.

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Visiting researchers

Mathematicians with research interests in a wide variety of fields visit the School, supported or partially supported by School funds. Visitors usually present one or more seminars. Periods of stay vary from several days to several months.

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