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Selecting an Honours project and supervisor


  • Project and supervisor selected
    Week 1 of your first semester
  • Submission of dissertation
    Week 11 of your second semester (New courses)
  • Seminars
    Week 13 of your second semester

Further information

In the rare event in which a student perceives there to be a problem with the supervision, consult either the Honours Co-ordinator or the Head of School immediately.

Honours Co-ordinator

A/Prof John Lau
Telephone (+61 8) 6488 3371

The project and dissertation is a pivotal element of the Honours year.

Your first task should be to find a supervisor and project you think will suit you.

Most staff work on a first-come-first-served basis, so we recommend you get in early.

Role of the supervisor

While your Honours supervisor is your first contact when you have any issues, your project is ultimately your own responsibility and a degree of independence on your part is expected.

You should clarify early in the year the pattern of contact that you and your supervisor are going to have.

Support from your project supervisor includes:

  • Supervision meetings - student and supervisor usually meet weekly or fortnightly. Frequency of meetings increases as the project submission date approaches.
  • Reading of drafts - your supervisor will read a couple of drafts of your final dissertation providing you provide sufficient time for them - they may need three days to a week to read your draft and make comments.
  • Honours Seminar advice - your supervisor will provide advice for your Honours Seminar presentation in the Scientific Communication course.

Supervisors and project topics

  1. Applied mathematics and complex systems
  2. Pure mathematics and discrete mathematics
  3. Mathematical statistics and applied statistics
  4. Group theory and combinatorics

Applied mathematics and complex systems

Pure mathematics and discrete mathematics 

Mathematical statistics and applied statistics 

Other topics currently available


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