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  • Project and supervisor selected
    Week 1 of your first semester
  • Submission of dissertation
    Week 11 of your second semester (New courses)
  • Seminars
    Week 13 of your second semester

It is important your Honours disertation is submitted on time and prepared in line with the University's standards.

The following information will help you meet those standards.

  1. Deadline
  2. Format
  3. Appendicies
  4. How to submit


The deadline for submission of dissertations is given in the Honours Timetable.

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Format of dissertation

Honours Dissertations should be between 40 and 75 typeset pages, including figures, tables, diagrams, but excluding appendices. A dissertation below this page range will typically contain too little material, while one above will typically be insufficiently concise and will be penalised because of this.

Honours Dissertations should be prepared using LaTeX, with 12pt (computer modern) font, 1.5 or double line spacing, margins of at least 2.5 cm on all sides, and printed single-sided.

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Appendices may include:

  • references;
  • bibliographies;
  • data listings;
  • details of data sources;
  • instrumentation;
  • program listings;
  • additional figures and tables when the nature of subject requires many of these;
  • details of long proofs outlined in the main text.

Appendices other than references and bibliographies should be used only in a supportive role, and only where necessary and with restraint. Excessive or inappropriate use of appendices will be penalised.

Any variation from these guidelines should be discussed with the Honours Co-ordinator, but keep in mind the intent of the guidelines that dissertations should be concise, rather than exhaustive.

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How to submit your dissertation

Three paper copies of the Honours Dissertation must be submitted and an electronic copy in PDF format.

The paper copies should be either stapled together or held with a sprung clip.

After the examination process a copy of the dissertation will be bound in stiff covers by the School and shelved in the Common Room, and an electronic copy will be put on the School's web pages.

Students will be given the opportunity to correct minor errors, in light of the examiners' reports, before binding or display on the web pages.

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